Meet Lisa

My mom, Audrey Rosenblath

My mom, Audrey Rosenblath[/caption]

I began sewing at 10 years of age.  And, it was on a push pedal sewing machine, that I still have, which was my grandmother’s.  In the town of New Dundee, where I grew up, most young girls started 4-H at the age of 12.  We would attend during the school year, evening classes at the instructor’s home, with one segment cooking, one segment sewing.  Here, I learned basic sewing skills and excelled.  With the help of my mom, my sister and I became great sewers.  My mom was a talented seamstress and could sew clothes for anyone.

Our family moved to Edmonton in 1998 where I studied quilting, extensively.  I joke that I have the most expensive quilt ever made, after all the classes I took to learn the fundamentals of sewing.  If you can quilt, with all the precision required, you are well prepared for many directions of sewing.

Moving back to Toronto in the fall of 2000, I began Lisa Sinclair Sewing, and worked extensively with several designers to become the great sewer I am today.